Rent a bus for labor transportation

Guide to rent a bus for labor transportation

Passenger transport shuttles or staff transportation buses on rent are known to minimize traffic and increase the efficiency of your staff as they enter your workplace. Think about it, with a bus, they will take less time worrying about transport and more time receiving emails on the path.

The 60-80 Seat bus for rental

The 60-80 AC Bus for rent in Dubai scheme is certainly suitable for staff transportation and site workers. Furthermore, we even use our 60-80 seater ac bus rental facility for security personnel transportations, and occasionally even office workers. Of instance, there are 60 Seater buses or 66 AC or non-AC seater buses. These coaches are used for a similar form of movement. Non-AC buses also have the same spectrum but are seldom seen in hot weather.
These buses actually carry 80 seats but the sort of arrangement they choose depends on the consumer. For eg, if the mixture of seats is 3 x 4, these coaches would have an average passenger capacity of 80. The AC bus rental service with 60 to 80 seats is likely to serve 50% of UAE travel demands.

Another option for public transport

You can't simply decide where the shuttle heads and where it gets to with a private shuttle bus system. You also monitor the amount of sanitizing your floors, the distance between your workers and the protective steps that everyone has to take to prioritize the welfare of your staff. Regardless of the number of shuttles you require, UBR Bus is your secure and efficient transportation network.

Why do you need a staff transportation bus?

A better alternative to public transport

If workers are uncomfortable about using community transport during the COVID-19 pandemic, a private bus supplied by the company may make people feel safer while commuting. You should set your own rules on social distancing, the use of masks, temperature regulation, and hygiene so that workers are safe.

Driving more employees to your company

Giving a private bus service could give yourself a breakthrough over other workers. If your workplace is not situated in the vicinity of a public transit station, it may be your shuttle that would have your employee pick your office over another.

Increases the productivity

Even though public services are a great option, public transport roads do not work close to the home of everybody. The majority of staff resent staying in cars hours a day while traveling around. Passenger travel on a shuttle operated by the company helps workers to rest whilst on the road while someone else drives. Read the blog to know more benefits of labour transpotation

Frequently Asked Questions

1Q. How stable is it to use a shuttle service now?
A.We take more care so that during each ride, our travelers are safe and secure. We will enable you to create mask requirements, temperature controls, and social gaps on-board to make sure that all passengers are secure on their shuttles. This helps travelers to be more relaxed with a private vehicle than with public buses.
2Q. What variety of bus can I book?
A.If the lightweight minibus or fully-sized motorcoach is ideally suited to your team, you can hire any bus category. if you have to bring a big bunch of participants, we could also create a unique fleet.