Most affordable bus rental on a daily or weekly basis?

Most affordable bus rental on a daily or weekly basis?

Are you searching for a Dubai bus rental for every day or weekly basis? You're at the correct location, indeed. We are ranked amongst top bus rental companies in Dubai that thousands of passengers, visitors and businesses trust and also offer affordable passengers transport in Dubai. Our committed and competent team believes all should be able to obtain the Dubai facilities, whether in visitor, community, minor or major groups, with ease and quality. The business is still centred on ground mobility services industry dynamics and continues managing the fleets as per current standard.

Our core functions

If you require regular or weekly transport services in Dubai, you are a smaller team or larger and hence we do not want to search any more we have a number of new luxurious fleets that include 9, 12, 15, 22, 26, 28, 30, 34, 60 & 84 seater (ac and non-ac) coaches with 24/7 expertise and skilled drivers on the plan. Just pick one of your wanted cars that fit your needs and request for a free quote via email, WhatsApp or in a web chat with our Dubai bus rental list underneath. We promise that you get the best deal in Dubai UAE other than any bus rental firms with the best passengers transport in Dubai. Here are a few of our company' core business functions:

  • Regular & Weekly Buses & Minivans Renting with Operators.
  • Transports from the Airport.
  • Hotel Transition.
  • Transfer for Visitors.
  • Transportation Gatherings, marriage & Sporting Activities.
  • Take and drop team (one day)
  • Workers & Colleagues, Tourist & Guests Transportation.
  • Transportation Sightseeing / Town Transport.
  • Transportation for industry sessions.
  • Transportation for picnics.
  • Transportation for passengers & visitors.
  • Employee transportation

Affordable services

UBR bus services provide companies and tourist passengers with a large array of affordable transport systems. You can hire a Dubai bus within a few moments to see places, plan board meetings and schedule group picnic transportation or even move from the airport if you live in Dubai without having to think about renting a bus in Dubai with an operator. Rental of the private bus allows trendy and convenient journeys anywhere in the UAE. Depending on your preferences, pick a small or large bus size. You should prefer UBR Bus Service if you're searching for private coach rental since we are extremely trustworthy and safe.

With safety measures

We are all aware of the latest deadly virus pandemic that has barely impacted the travelling industry worldwide. The UAE authority in Dubai has done its utmost to avoid the spreading of covid-19 and check millions of people every day. As a trustworthy bus rental company in Dubai, we dedicate ourselves to maintaining the welfare of our customers, operators and other staff. We recognize the importance of the wellbeing and welfare of our customers and, given the care of our wellbeing, we observe Dubai covid-19 safety rules closely and apply the necessary security initiatives:

  • All our vehicles are cleaned and sanitised every day.
  • The hand sanitizers are given for each bus.
  • Drivers should wear masks and gloves when operating with travellers, and commuters should also cover with face masks.