Luxury Executive 30 seat bus for rent

A great option for small and medium-sized groups

Is your group too large for a small van but too small for a regular rental bus? Trust UBR to pair you with a 30 seat Executive Minibus that will take you safely and comfortably to your destination.
If you are planning a trip or need something with a little higher quality, the UBR Executive 30 seat bus is a great option. At UBR, we offer the business expertise of charter bus rental for groups across the UAE.
Your dedicated professional driver will take you to weddings, company events, sports tournaments, and church shootings.

What can I expect from an executive 30 seat bus rent in Dubai?

All 30 seat busses come with climate control, reclining high-back seats, and an AM / FM stereo. Executive 30 seat minibusses will include at least the following features;

  • Leather seats
  • Bathroom facilities onboard
  • Luggage space for 20 medium bags

  • Floors
  • DVD players and monitors
  • AM / FM radio

You get these premium options with an additional charge:

  • Weather control cabin
  • Cushion and reclining seats
  • TV screen and DVD player
  • Additional Luggage storage

  • Electrical outlets
  • PA system
  • Wi-Fi

1How much does it cost for my group to rent an Executive 30 seat bus?
The total rental price for any bus varies based on several factors: For more knowledge check rental guide
2How many people will travel?
Executive 30 seater minibusses have many seats - you get a comfortable bus that seats 24 to 35 passengers and has enough space for individual items.
3How long will your charter take?
Our reservation specialists are happy to guide you through the simple rental process.
4Are there any extra fees (If applicable)?
Fees, parking fees, permits, and airport charges are just an example of an additional fee.
5 What is your policy regarding alcohol use on the executive 30 seat bus?
Alcoholic beverages may only be brought to you onboard a UBR Charter Bus with written permission from UBR.

Where do you come from and where do you plan to travel?

The Executive 30 seat bus Suitable For Any Trip.

The executive 30 seat bus is an excellent choice convenience for ground transportation has features like comfort, safety, affordability, and convenience

  • Family celebrations
  • Business and corporate events
  • Small group travel
  • Special Events
  • Seniors and Retirees
  • School transportation
  • Labor Transportations

At UBR, we built our reputation and business with a strong commitment to personalized service and attention. A dedicated service team committed to addressing all of your concerns promptly, so you can always have a point of contact. We Provide loyalty to sellers, local market experience, and purchasing power to secure the best deals for our clients.